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New Flash Game

2008-05-06 01:29:44 by comradeyak

So amungst all the games/vids I have in my pile, one of them is a flash game I'm working on with a fellow NG user. ActionSick
I'm doing the majority of the artwork for the game, aswell as some level design. Currentley it's looking to be a beat'em up in the style of Golden Axe and other such games.
For now all I can say is that the game's title is Element, wich may or may not change (you know how these things go). The main character is a water elemental-type thing. And that the story is looking to be pretty good.
Can't really talk about the story as it's being ironed out by myself and a third person. But hopefully the twists and plot points won't be obvious once its done. :P
There will be a level select, where you can go back to waypoints within the diff areas. And the world that this takes place in is essentially seperated into four Realms. That's all I can say for now.
You can check ActionSick to see what he's got to say aswell. I'll be posting artwork and such soon... but likely I will post them on my GameTrailers page, and DA account.
I suppose though I'll leave you with this image. : D


New Flash Game


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2008-05-11 00:07:40

hey you stole my friggen game idea!